Article about Inxide´s technologies in Polymervärlden

The latest edition of the magazine Polymervärlden (2018-07) highlights Inxide´s innovative technologies and how they create opportunities for composites within, among others, the automotive industry.

The article describes the potential to save both weight and cost by utilizing Inxide´s X-tech™ and X-shell™ in high volume applications.

Inxide’s strategy requires rethinking and innovation to create solutions that are not only lightweight and strong but also cost effective and suitable for high volume production.

In order to achieve shorter cycle times and automated processes, Inxide’s technologies are based on optimal utilization of material properties where the base is a thermoplastic matrix in combination with smart positioning of continuous fibres.

The various applications that Inxide works with, serves as a replacement for metallic solutions or as reinforcement to polymer solutions to meet current requirements and reduce both weight and price.

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