New project

INXIDE will participate in a Vinnova project aimed at increasing the awareness and knowledge about structural molded components within the Swedish plastics industry.

Injection molded load bearing components can be manufactured by new technologies such as the overmoulding of organosheets, injection moulding with local reinforcement preforms and / or strips of carbon fiber tape or by polymerization in the mold tool.

The possibility of using injection molding, which is a fast and cost-effective manufacturing method for the manufacture of load-bearing composite components would undoubtedly result in lower costs for light structures and strengthen Swedish competitiveness in the field of lightweight technology. Effect aim addressed at least 20% lower cost and 20% less weight.

The aim is that the pilot project should result in a clear picture of the practices that have the greatest future potential, so that future development can be focused on the further development of these specific techniques.

INXIDE is participating as an SME along with the industry association PolymerCentrum and research representatives are Lund University and Swerea SICOMP. OEM is Husqvarna and Volvo Car Group and SME participants Camp Scandinavia, Erteco, KB Components, KD Feddersen and Plastinject.

The feasibility study is ongoing from December 2016 to mid-2017.

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