Pressrelease – 11 March 2014

EELCEE AB increases its involvement in
composites in Europe and changes name
to Inxide AB

EELCEE AB in Trollhättan carried out a new share issue in February 2014 to continue its
involvement in cost-efficient light composite solutions for the automotive, sports and leisure
industries. The first phase of production set-up has been completed and serial delivery will be
made to the first customers in the second quarter of 2014. To focus on the important
industrialisation process and quickly achieve growth on the international market, sales
activities have been divided, with the company’s founder, Jan-Anders Månson, taking
responsibility for the Korean market, and Inxide taking responsibility for the rest of the world.
The company will change its name to Inxide AB after the general meeting on April 30th. The
Korean activities will operate under the name EELCEE.

EELCEE SA started up in 2008 as a development spinoff from EPFL, the technical university
in Lausanne. Fouiertransform became a partner in 2012 to enable the company to operate in
the automotive industry in Europe and Korea. In conjunction with the takeover, EELCEE AB
was created as the parent company. For two years, it has focused on employing the right
expertise and has invested to build up a functioning industrial base in Sweden.

EELCEE AB’s investment in cost-efficient plastic composites, based on a number of patents
and technologies, has successfully driven development projects for many industrial sectors
including the automotive industry in Sweden and, via the contacts of the founder, Jan-Anders
Månson, also in Korea. However, the complexity and costs of the investment on two
continents has proved challenging for a company of EELCEE AB’s size, for which reason the
Board has now decided to focus on Europe.

The founder, Jan-Anders Månsson, will continue to operate independently on the Korean
market under the name EELCEE, and is thus leaving Inxide AB.
Inxide AB, with its production and development in Sweden, will continue its active
involvement primarily in the automotive, sports and leisure industries. To further enhance the
company’s development, it will make new recruitments and investments in new technology.
During 2014, the company began a partnership with an experienced, established partner in
Tunisia to supply the sports and leisure industries.
Inxide AB, with its unique expertise, processes and patented technologies, is well placed to
become an important operator in the growing composite industry and will be able to meet
demand for light, cost-efficient composite solutions in the automotive, sports and leisure
industries, says Björn Wessman, CEO of Inxide AB.

For further information:

Björn Wessman, CEO, Inxide AB, tel. +46 709 704 326
Ulf Ahlén, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Inxide AB, tel. +46 70 312 78 77
Per Nordberg, CEO of Fouriertransform AB, tel. +46 8 410 40 601
Jan-Anders Månson, Korea activities (EELCEE), tel. +41 79 257 26 84

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