Inxide’s patented technologies, X-TECH™, X-BIM™ and X-SHELL™, are developed and produced in-house, which gives us full control throughout the whole process. Each technology has its own specific qualities.


Inxide offers a skeleton reinforcement technology, X-TECH, for injection moulded parts.

  • Injection moulded parts reinforced by X-TECH will demonstrate completely new capabilities in terms of structural performance. The X-TECH technology is proven to reduce weight by up to 50%, yet with the equivalent structural performance of current steel design, whilst still achieving cost competitiveness.

    This is how it works: A tailored pre-form with continuous fibres is designed and produced by Inxide and is laid out using a fully automatic robot cell. The shape of the pre-form is derived from the defined loads on the structure. Multiple rounds of continuous fibers are then laid out to create an endless reinforcement. The pre-form is then over-moulded with the traditional injection process, thus considerably minimizing the infrastructural costs of the technology.
    There is a large range of thermoplastic and reinforcement fibers that can be combined in this process. Commonly used combinations include PPGF, PA6GF, PA6CF etc.



Our X-TECH technology enables high-volume composite production and, with minimal effort, it can be implemented in current infrastructure.Inxide collaborates with all established Tier 1 injection moulding companies to produce the final composite injection moulded part.


X-BIM is a Bladder Inflation Molding technology for thermoplastic composites, suitable for complex hollow structures.

X-BIM™X-BIM enables the design of light weight complex hollow structures for a large range of applications, e.g. handlebars, suitcases, drones etc. The tailored fibre

lay-up gives improved structural performance together with impact toughness. Working with thermoplastic in this way enables short cycle times, which also means high volume production possibilities, resulting in cost-competitive components.

This is how it works: Multiple layers of a specially designed braid, based on co-mingled yarn (a mix of matrix thermoplastic fibers and reinforcing fibres), is placed in a closed cavity. Through a thermal cycle, combined with internal pressure, the final design is achieved. The specific shape and material orientation is determined by the applied loads.


Inxide offers a shell reinforcement technology. X-SHELL, for stand-alone parts or as inserts in injection moulded parts.

X-SHELL™By reinforcing injection moulded parts with X-SHELL, structural performance can be achieved that is comparable with metal or traditional thermoset composites. Thermoplastic composites enable short cycle times, thus offering cost-competitive solutions.

This is how it works: A thermoplastic fabric shell part, or pre-form, is designed and produced by Inxide. The shell geometry and material orientation is derived from the defined loads on the structure. Multiple layers of fabric are pre-cut and stacked. The layered fabric is then heated and pressed into the final shape using a short cycle time process. This unique combination of short cycle times and tailored, fibre direction lay-up, creates a very competitive composite part.

Inxide collaborates with all established Tier 1 injection moulding companies to produce the final composite part.

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